Low Post Power Moves - Footwork Drill

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Players take it in turn to v cut / flash across the lane to the low post area. Upon arriving, the post up correctly and receive pass from passer. play...

1-5 Post Passing

category: Passing

The player underneath the basket begins with a ball and tosses if off the backboard, simulating a rebound. They then pass to the point guard on the wi...

1V1 From The Post

category: Defense

The coach or a teammate places the ball on the floor. Facing away from the basket, player 1 (attacker) stands in front of player 2 (defender). Player ...

Getting Post Position

category: Footwork-and-Movement

The offensive player will come from the opposite side of the lane to post up on the block on the ball side of the court. To get around the defensive p...

Deny The Post

category: 1-v-1

Set players up as shown in video clip. Offensive player will post up on the side of the court the ball is on. The defensive player will try and stop t...

Post Up - Drop Step

category: Footwork-and-Movement

This drill needs 1 passer and 1 player posting up ready to shoot the basketball. The pass will be made into the post, once the player receives the ba...

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