Netball Drill Demonstration


10+ players, 5+ balls, half court area.

1. Half of the players stand in a star/circle shape, these are the feeders.

2. Each feeding player has a partner who stands next to them to start, these are the workers.

3. Each feeder has a ball.

4. Workers drive into the middle and recieve a pass from the feeder two people away. i.e. they skip a person.

5. Worker passes back to the line they have come from and drives towards the feeder who delivers a short bounce pass. 

6. The feeder continues to drive around the worker and recives a long pass into the middle.

7. Worker passes the ball back out to initial feeder who passes the ball back.

8. Worker skips another feeder and passes to them, then joins the line. 


Coaching points

Start by walking through as there is a lot happening but when players understand where they are to pass and drive the drill runs smoothly.

Workers 'skip' a feeder at 2 stages. 

It helps if the feeders are calling for the ball orthe player so the worker knows where to pass and drive. 

Any extra players can line up behind the inital feeder and rotate through. 

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