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This is a split lead drill, run continuously.

Set up two lines of players at each end of a third. Play will be started by the coach who will be the first Feeder, stood in the middle. The 2 Attackers from the top of court will run forward and the Feeder will pass to one of them. The other will then run to where the Feeder was stood to receive the next pass.

This Attacker then becomes the Feeder for the opposite side, passing the ball before going to join the back of the queue on that side with the other original Attacker. In this way players move from side to side and join the ends of the opposite lines when they have finished passing.

Coaching points

When defender(s) present:

Attackers have the decision of a forward option with a defender in the way or of drawing defenders out.

The attackers can pass back to their line for

1) a give and go, where the ball is passed straight back to them

2) the ball to then be given to the other attacker. In this case the first attacker would then move in to become the feeder instead.


1 Defender: the Feeder can become a Defender against they Attacker they just passed to before joining the opposite line

2 Defenders: both of the original Attackers can become Defenders for the new Attacking players


  • In a game situation this could be a goal line pass.
  • GK passes to GD passes to Centre who then passes back to GK who has run forward
  • If you have 2 passes forward then a pass backwards isn't too bad. Players will be looking to gain as much ground as possible in a game but if the forward pass is restricted by a Defender then a pass back will allow more options.

If put into this situation things to work on would include:

  • Resetting in the goal third
  • Passing and then getting ahead
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