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Set up: 

Four corners of about 2-3 players, 1/3 space, 2 balls.

Balls start in opposing corners. 

Balls and player will be moving in an anti-clockwise rotation.

 Players from the corner without a ball drive on a diagonal into the third space and receive a pass from player with ball in front of them (corner to their right). 

Ball is received then passed on to the player at next corner, in anticlockwise direction. 

Player who drove joins the line they passed the ball to.

The ball continues to rotate anticlockwise. 

Coaching points

Players should remember to pass and drive. This drill is quick when 2 balls are involved so players must be alert, know where they are running and where they will receive a pass from. 

Variation-Double truck and trailer:

Driving player overruns drive past the corner they are receiving from, then turns and drives back to receive a pass. 

Ball then gets passed on to the opposing corner. The ball works linear and does not move around the four corners, players just work together in the 2 corners. Essentially you will have 2 of these drills running if you have kept the four corners from the initial drill.



Add in defence (bibbed). Defenders are out numbered so ‘should not’ get any ball.

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