Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Lie flat on your stomach 
  • Slowly raise your chest off the ground 
  • Outstretch your arms 
  • In this position you will then complete the following movement shapes, slowly and with control 
  1. 'T' - Position your arms straight out to your sides (0.01 in video)
  2. 'W' - From the 'T' position bring your elbow in to form a right angle with each arm (0.02 in video)
  3. 'V' - From the 'W' position outstretch both arms over your head (0.03 in video)
  • Repeat this pattern 

Coaching points

  • Ensure you keep your chest up and engage your core/ lower back muscles throughout the practice - if you need a break have a rest and then resume the exercise 
  • Only lift your chest off the ground to the extent you are comfortable with - if you can only slightly lift it off the ground, this is fine, the movement is what matters
  • This exercise aims to help strengthen and stabilise muscles in the shoulders, upper back, and arms. 

Drill tags: injury prevention, shoulder mobility, strength

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