Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Using one third, set up 4 feeders along the third line and split the third in half using cones
  • Create two lines - one line of attackers and one line of defenders 
  • The attacker must get the ball in front of the line of cones (1) and then behind the line of cones (1) from the same feeder - therefore each attacker will receive 8 balls, 2 from each feeder 
  • If the defender intercepts the ball is simply passed to the next feeder and the practice continues 
  • Once each person has attacked and defended twice you can switch the feeders out

Coaching points

  • The attackers should work on getting in front of their defender and consider how is best to get the back ball
  • The defenders should work on their open body positioning - trying to keep the attacker high towars the feeders and if not, challenge for the over ball 

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