Netball Drill Demonstration


Group of 8. 2 defenders in each third. 2 attackers work their way down the court, passing at least 4X in each third. Two defenders in the third, shadow mark the attackers (they cannot catch the ball, only mark it). WHen the attackers enter a new third, the defenders in the latter third move up onto the next third, ergo making it more challenging as the attackers go on. Repeat this until each pair has been an attacker, and time it to see of whom is the fastest.


Made by Olivia See & Julia Kumar


Coaching points

  1. Shadowing- being on your toes, ready to pounce
  2. Pressure (3ft)- make things difficult for the opposition
  3. Deny Space (Block)- win back possession for youir team
  4. Stand at an angle- so you can see both the person you mark and the rest of play

Created by Julia, Netball Coach, England

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