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To select the best passing option using either a shoulder or chest pass

Attacking Principle: Be ball side of opponent

  • A practice for 6 players
  • work in the third area with four divided areas
  • Player 1-3 (P1-3) must complete 8 passes to score a point (each player must received the ball on one occasion)
  • Attacking players must pass then move to another space
  • only one attacker per space
  • defenders stay in their area and can only side step ( to apply a small amount of pressure on the attacker)


P1 - 3 must now receive ball side and the defender is still sidestepping but applying a little more pressure

Coaching points

 The ball receiver needs to ensure she is in between the ball and their opponent

  • It is hrder to intercept if this occurs
  • the ball can be flatter and released more quickly if the receiver is ball side

Shoulder pass: (for long passes requiring power)

  • Take up balances starting position with opposite foot forward to throwing arm
  • move ball just above shoulder with fingers spread behind ball
  • use second hand to steady the ball if necessary
  • hand, arm, and shoulder thrust forward towards throwing target
  • Weight transferred forward onto front leg
  • Arm, hand and fingers follow through to target

Chest Pass: (for shorter passes to give control and speed)

  • Start from 2 - handed catch position, ball at chest height
  • Ensure fingers spread behind ball
  • Keep elbows low and relaxed (No Chicken Wings)
  • Transfer weight forward and push ball out extending arms and wrists
  • Follow through with hands, fingers and arms



Created by , Netball Coach, England

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