Netball Drill Demonstration


This drill is designed to test a players catching, passing, pivoting and leading ability. 

Coaching points

Catching -

  • Emphasise a two handed catch over a one handed catch
  • Eyes watching the ball into the hands

• Fingers and thumbs spread in a “W” shape ready to receive

  • Fingers and thumbs relaxed but strong
  • Hands and arms outstretched towards the ball
  • Step forward and reach with hands to catch
  • Snatch the ball with strong fingers and bend arms when receiving the ball to lessen the impact whilst pulling the ball towards the body
  • Keep thumbs behind the ball with fingers spread and relaxed
  • Bring the ball back to the chest ready for the return pass
  • Allow time for a balanced landing position before throwing the ball


Shoulder Pass – 1 handed

  •  Stand side-on to the intended receiver
  •  Feet should be shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent and weight on the back foot
  •  The ball can be held with two hands but as the arm is taken back behind the shoulder the ball is held with one hand
  • Elbow should be bent
  •  The opposite foot to the throwing arm should be forward
  • Transfer the body weight from the back foot to the front foot as the player steps forward with the front foot
  •  The ball is pushed forward with the shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers
  • Follow through with the hand whilst the fingers should be pointing in line with the throw


  •   In order to pivot the player with the ball must turn in a rotating motion on the ball of the first grounded foot.  This turning motion should be away from the defender. 


  • The ball should be held close to the body whilst it is positioned to throw. 


  •  As the player pivots around, the head should precede the body so the eyes are looking at where the pass can be thrown.


Created by Will, Netball Coach, Australia

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