Netball Drill Demonstration


1. Long ball travels to opposite corner to attacker making a short lead towards the ball.


2. Ball travels to attacker leading towards ring from opposite corner transverse line.


3. Ball travels across the ring to side attacker making a straight lead onto the ring.


4. Straight bounce pass to attacker sidestepping into ring.


5. Lob to attacker sidestepping around to top of the ring.


6. Lob into attacker leading along base line. (If is a shooter, they shoot).

7. First attacker makes a small lead out along side line to start the drill again.

Coaching points

All players must start on the court - in particular the "goaler" in the corner - make sure they don't step off the court.


Timing is imperative, make sure players do not lead too early. They should be catching the ball out in front and on the run, so they can pass off straight away to next attacker.

Created by Louise, Netball Coach, Australia

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