Netball Drill Demonstration


Split into 4 teams.

2 teams will be feeders to start.

2 teams working against each other.

Teams feed the ball up one side of feeders on the sideline, run back to the backline, and then work up the other side of feeders, and back to backline.

This is one circuit.

Teams must complete 3 circuits.

Losing team has to complete an additional circuit.

Burpees for everyone on any dropped balls.

Swap over.


  • Flat fast pass
  • High balls from feeders
  • Vary passes from feeders
  • Add in a change of direction

Coaching points

Feeders passing ball ahead of moving player.

Moving player driving onto ball.

Accurate, fast and hard passing.

No footwork (except when completed one side and running back to backline)

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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