category: 1-1-ladders

Starting at the side of the ladder face down the ladder.Two feet move into the hole then one moves out the opposite side the foot that is left in the ...

Speedy Side Steps - Pairs Race

category: 2-Warm-Up

Players stand on the sidelines with a ball on the floor ahead. On the coaches signal, they pick it up and attempt to run sideways to the other side of...

Side Step Block

category: 8-Block-Drills

Simple side-step to block. When blocking, keep hands up and land on the same spot as you take off from.

Quick Feet - In And Out

category: 1-1-ladders

Start with your feet outside both sides of the ladder.Move your feet in to the middle, one at a time. Advance to be outside the next hole moving your ...

Web Videos

Volleyball - der block

Für Angriffsschläge, die nah am Netz ausgeführt werden, kann sich die gegnerische Mannschaft den Block zu nutze machen. Ein bis maximal drei Spieler ....

Community Drills

Dynamic Stretching

Start this week's session with some jogging and a variety of foot work patterns, including sidesteps and cross-overs (twisties) to loud music.You can ...