Approach And Volley

category: Volley-Drills

Players start off on baseline moves into no mans land for approach shot then move up to hit a 1st volley and finish with a 2nd volley.

Groundstrokes Moving Forward

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Coach stands in front of the player and alternates tosses to forehand and backhand side. Player hits the ball and moves forward, while the coach moves...

Hitting A Simple Lob While On The Move

category: Lob

The coach stands at the centre of the court at the net. He/she then feeds the ball to the player's ad side and lifts the racquet up above their head. ...

Lob On The Move

category: Lob

The coach feeds the ball to the backhand side and rises the racquet up. The player moves to the ball and hits backhand slice lob cross court. Coach's ...

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Community Drills

Bryan Brothers Drill

Using only half a court, diagonallly, the two players must hit the ball cross-court to eachother whilst moving up the court. Once the two players reac...

Short and long ball

Coach feeds balls to the player deep middle and short the player hits the balls then swap overEncourages players to move up to the ball and to stay al...