End Zone Game

category: Small-games

Netball End Zone Game Small games End zone ball, with 2 designated goalies/defenders. There's no ring in game, instead players have to pass the ball ...

End Zone Game

category: Interception

Netball End Zone Game Interception Using cones create two end-zones either side of the middle 3rd on the court and divide your players into 2 equal t...


category: Warm-ups

Netball Bulldog Warm ups Setup : Choose 1 player to be the catcher - they ... all the other players to run and get past the catcher into the end zone...

Reward The Defence

category: Small-games

Netball Reward the Defence Small games Play 5 on 5 or 6 on 6, attack v defence! Every time the defender is marking the attacker from 3 feet they get ...

Web Videos

Warm up

Netball, making passes and score in the end zone. Progression is passing the ball with heading it into the end zone with another team mate catching it...


Developing Centre Pass Set Plays

Get the ball to your shooters as quickly as possible with this netball set plays session - working on communication, passing accuracy and timing

Community Drills

Side Line Netball

There are two teams, each player is given a number. When their number is called they must run to the netball placed in the centre of the court a...