The Slap Pass

category: Video-Techniques

Body position lowHead and eyes steady until completion of passBalanced transfer of weight from left to right foot as the pass is made right to leftHan...

Sweep Far Post

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player 2 passes the ball to player 1. Player 1 then passes the ball into the goal with a slap hit. Player 2 follows his/her pass and takes the positio...

Slap Hit - Direction

category: Video-Techniques

This video is to teach the players about ball position in relation to stance and the direction of the ball

Web Videos

Slap shot.wmv

Field Hockey Indian National Team Coach Harninder Harry Coaching Phoenix Scorpions Team.


Community Drills

Long Sweep / Slap shots

Playing at match intensity, across the 25, pass and follow until final dribble & shot on goal. Race to get all players back to centre line. Run to mee...