Drills: Reverse tackle

Positional Play under Pressure Hockey
Positional Play under Pres
As above, but now introduce a defender who can first try and intercept
Attackers defending Hockey
Attackers defending
Player 1 feeds player 2 then closes him/her down. Player 1 tries to st
Defence the circle Hockey
Defence the circle
Defender passes the ball. Attackers go 1 on 1 and try to penetrate the
Defence Awareness Hockey
Defence Awareness
The attackers (Red Players) have to try and dribble the ball
Cover Defence Hockey
Cover Defence
This video shows the movement of the cover defender (at the b
1 v 1 (With A GK) Hockey
1 v 1 (With A GK)
Setup as shown. The goalkeeper passes the ball to p
Defensive Awareness Hockey
Defensive Awareness
The attackers (Red Players) have to try and dribble the ball
1 v 2 break defense Hockey
1 v 2 break defense
Players work as pairs in this drill. The p
Keep on Forehand Hockey
Keep on Forehand
Players with ball have to run around the cone and try and score. Play
Under pressure Hockey
Under pressure
2 players have to try and pass the ball to each other. While
Reverse side defending Hockey
Reverse side defending
Players from the side of the area, pass the ball to a player in the go
Interception Hockey
Setup the practice as shown. 2 Players start in end
multiple ball possession Hockey
multiple ball possession
Players on the ball can pass it to any static player, but the