Drills: passing 2 v 1

Learning to Build out of Defence (9 versus 5) Hockey
Learning to Build out of D
Team of 9 players all playing in their position on the pitch.
1 v 1 - Channelling Hockey
1 v 1 - Channelling
Channelling is the action of a defending player preventing an
1 v 1 Defence A Hockey
1 v 1 Defence A
Defence force play over to the forehand. p>
Using board 2vs 1 Hockey
Using board 2vs 1
Forwrd 1 gives the ball to the defender and then tries to win the ball
Pass through defender Hockey
Pass through defender
Player with the ball runs around the cone to then try to pass
Left wing attack Hockey
Left wing attack
The LM starts with the ball. His/her compulsory pass is to the LW. As
Passing through a line of defence Hockey
Passing through a line of
Create 2 end zones either side of a line. 2 players are in ea
Forward rotation pass down left board Hockey
Forward rotation pass down
Emphasis on easy movemants: Try to develop timing with left a