Cone Dribble

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Put out a long line of cones, with 30cm between each cone. This is always a good warm up exercise, ideal for when you are waiting for everyone to ar...

Relay Dribbling

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Set out 3 or 4 identical lines of cones between the half way line and the 23 meter line.

Slalom Hoops

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Set out a slalom course with hoola hoops and divide the players into groups of 3

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3. Session 3 Notes

Mini Hockey - Notes and Techniques - Session 3 - The indian dribble and common mistakes

Bite size fitness session 2

Keep up and improve your players' strength, power, speed and muscle endurance with this short fitness session!