Goalkeeper Compass Shuttle

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Goalkeeper Compass Shuttle Goal keeping Setup five cones in either the form of a compass or clock. On the command go the goalkeeper moves to t...

Diving Technique - Haunches

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Diving Technique - Haunches Goal keeping The goalkeeper must start on their haunches (squat position) before the coach throws the ball under a...

Short Corner Technique

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Short Corner Technique Goal keeping This is the final progression in the diving technique. The goalkeeper starts on their line and runs out 3 ...

Diving Technique

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Diving technique Goal keeping The goalkeeper starts 2 / 3 metres off their line on their knees. The coach then throws the ball under arm for t...

Web Videos

Best field hockey saves ever!

These are some of the best field hockey goal saves ever and they show just how skills these keepers are. Some of these saves look impossible, but the ...


Community Drills

Russian Doll

Half pitch game designed to get players to think about how best to use space, Its a normal hockey rules and integrates goalkeepers as well. The pitch...