Dummy Short Corner

category: Set-Pieces

Need 2 players with a good drag flick, first striker looks to drag flick but drags it square for second shooter to run onto it and drag flick from ...

Penalty Stroke

category: Set-Pieces

  • Start a stick‚Äôs distance away from the ball.
  • Stand sideways to the goal with your left shoulder facing the goalie. Position your feet beh...

  • Web Videos

    Best field hockey saves ever!

    These are some of the best field hockey goal saves ever and they show just how skills these keepers are. Some of these saves look impossible, but the ...


    Community Drills

    10 Yard Clears

    Set Up: Slide cones down to the end linesGoalies should 1 time, keep body position, square up after clear, keep track of successful clears

    4 Att. vs 3 Deff.

    - 7 P. drill (incl. goalie 8)- 6 cons (indoor sideboard replacement)- 10 balls Highlights:contra off ball runs, push, defender distance, fast play, c...

    Flow drill

    Blue cone = Player start (defender)Red cone = Player start (Atacker)Dotted Line = PassSolid Line = Run one-two pass, 1st passer leads out open re...

    Shooting Square

    Needed? 9 Cones, 4+ Players, Goal, GoalieHow? Balls start at the Bottom Right side of the square. Player passes to Top Right, then Bottom Left, then T...