Kick Through Gates

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kick through Gates Goal keeping Setup as shown. Goalkeeper starts ... the World's Largest Field Hockey Coaching Resource and we're still growi...

Figure Of 8

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Figure of 8 Goal keeping Ensure that weight is forward. head over feet. small steps, do not cross over.

Clear Before The Line

category: Goal-keeping

Goal keeper stays on the line until the coach roles a ball towards the edge of the circle the Goal keeper has to run and touch the ball before it l...

Combinations - Dynamic Actions

category: Indoor-Hockey

Drill to work on the movement of players to build an attack. The shot can either come near post if the goal keeper is out of position. Ideally the s...

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Best hockey goalkeeper saves

Hello guys, in today's video I will be showing you all the best goalkeeper saves in field hockey! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!


Community Drills

Looking over Positions on a Field

Show a full picture of where the players go on a hockey field. Set people out in these positions so they can see where they must start on the field. B...

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Activity 2- short cornersMake sure the injecter is 5M away from the goal. Thers should be 4 defenders and 1 goal keeper in the goal. There are 6 attac...

Counter attack and rebounds on Keeper

Players spread over 3 stations, the ball is passed to the goal-keeper who controls a pass/clear towards one of the 3 players. The attackers then move ...