Double Team

category: Defending-Skills

The first defender over commits to the forehand side to make the player in possession turn away. The second defender closes down the space so that the...


category: Defending-Skills

Two defenders can work together to channel

Shave Tackle - Reverse

category: Video-Techniques


1 V 2 Break Defense

category: Defending-Skills

Players work in pairs in this drill - attacking and defending pair. The player who starts with the ball has to dribble around the cone and then try t...

Defence The Circle

category: Defending-Skills

Defender passes the ball. Attackers go 1 on 1 and try to penetrate the circle. Defenders priority is to stop the player getting through gate 1, then g...

Block Tackle - Reverse

category: Video-Techniques

Important that the defender tries to channel the player to the reverse stick side by using their body position

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Double D's 4v4 Defensive Focus

2 x 4v4 in Double D Space.Spare players to rotate in after 3 sets, rest in corners of playing area.1.Run Play with no input2. Discuss defensive consid...

Principles of Defence

Defensive Principles:looking to defend goal & gain possessionCover & DelayBalance in DefenceControl, Restraint & PatienceRestricting Space...

Adding a 'Joker' Player

- 2 teams of 5 players- 1 additional player with a different coloured bib on (joker)- joker always on the side of the team in possession of the ball (...