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Front foot batting Drills

These shots are used when the ball is pitched on a fuller length and the batsman takes a step forward towards the ball. If right handed the batsman pl...


These videos pinpoint the correct technique and proper way to conduct certain cricketing actions. If batting this ranges from how to hold the bat, wh...


Back Foot Defence

category: Techniques

If the ball is pitched on the stumps - but short of a good length - it needs to be played safely.

Going forward to a delivery like this is d...

Back Foot Drive

category: Back-foot-batting

Played to a ball short of a length, roughly stump high.

Back Foot Drive

category: Techniques

Played to a ball short of a length, roughly stump high.

Back Foot Straight Drive

category: Extras

Played to a ball short of a length, roughly stump high Relaxed, balanced stance, head still, eyes level Back swing and step back Front Shoulder Dips B...

Back Lift

category: Extras

Bat handle close to body, inline with and underneath shoulders Bat is taken back vertically (and straight back) Hands close to back hip Maintain top h...

Ball Retrieve Fitness

category: Running-between-the-wickets

  1. Player 1 starts on the middle cone, and aims to collect all 4 balls in as quickly as possible. Player must go out to retrieve the ball and ba...

Cover Drive

category: Extras

This is an attacking stroke, played to a full, wide of off stump delivery.

Keep a relaxed, balanced stance, with your head and eyes level.

Drop Hands

category: Extras

Drop hands Maintain side on position, achieved by encouraging player to keep shoulders parallel. This keeps batter a smaller target

Keep we...

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Pre Season: Preparing your Bowlers

Get your bowlers back in the groove and improve your players' bowling line, accuracy and confidence with this early season bowling session

Community Drills

Cricket Base Ball

Set up the field as shown (the distance between markers will vary depending on ability). A batter will hit the ball off a tee or cone and run forwards...

Drop feeds

Drop feed the ball and batter hits through the cones. Practise technique and work on the balance Straight back leg. Head over the ball, do n...

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Continuous pick up and throwFeeder / WK throws or hits ball out between the green and black cone for the fielder to pick up and throw.the next feed ha...