Cricket Drill Demonstration


Create a V-Shaped area out in front of the batter.

Working in groups of 6 players take it in turns to bowl, field and bat.

The batsman aims to strike the ball beyond the fielders using a front foot drive. The fielders must prevent the ball from getting past them.

Every time the batsman gets the ball beyond the fielders, within the coned are, they score a point.

Coaching points

Each batter gets a set number of balls and changes with another player after they have had their allocation of balls or when they are caught or bowled out.

Players aim to drive the ball successfully along the ground inside the V towards the target area (this area can be coned out).

This shows your players how to play an attacking shot off the front foot and score runs without getting out because the safest drives are the straightest ones.

Drill tags: fielding, front foot, fun, game, small group

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