Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Use a target on a wall, could be a line, crease in the wall or create one with tape.
  • Using a weighted ball in the front arm, replicating bowling action, throw the weighted ball at the target.
  • Elbow and knee in nice straight lines going towards your target. 

Coaching points

  • Encourages front arm to drive through to target. 
  • If ball is going off to either side of the target, indicates arm is not driving through straight. 


Progression 1:

Add an additional ball into bowling arm (not weighted). Weighted ball in front arm and add in full bowling action, following through with bowling arm. 

Progression 2:

Take legs out of the equation. Kneel on one knee and just using the top half of the body mimic the same action with two balls ensuring a nice strong chest drive. 

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