Cricket Drill Demonstration


Can be done in pairs/ groups of three. One batter and one feeder minimum required, with 6 tennis balls per pair/group.

Each batter should be wearing a minimum of helmet and gloves on.

This drill is designed to improve player's confidence against the short ball.

Feeds should range from heights 1,2 and 3, and each batter should have 10 feeds before swapping over.

Feeds are from a close range, under arm feed, without bouncing, from a kneeling position. The batter should be encouraged to learn to defend and/or evade at first, gaining confidence and getting them in a better position than before to attack after.

Coaching points

Batter must keep eye on ball all the way.

Batter must look to go back and across the stumps.

High and soft hands when playing the ball.

Batter can duck, sway or defend at first, then may pull/hook after.

Good feeds are essential for drill to work


Quick fire feeds (one after another).

Feeder comes closer to batter.

Feeder throws ball on the bounce (from further away).

Cricket balls, incrediballs may also be used.

Drill tags: batting, pair, pairs, short

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