Cricket Drill Demonstration


Played to a length ball pitching on or around line of the stumps

Can be done in pairs/ groups of three. One batter and one feeder minimum required. 6 tennis balls per pair/group.

Feeder looks to feed the ball around middle stump, using an underarm 'bobble' feed. Already down on one knee in sweep position, batter looks to play orthodox sweep shot (shot number 1), aiming for the line indicated on diagram.

Coaching points

  1. Lead towards the line of the ball with head and front shoulder, putting the front pad into the line of the ball and then bending the front leg and collapsing the back leg.
  2. With your head over the front knee, bring the bat down and across from a high backswing, striking the ball in front of the pad with arms outstretched and both shoulders facing directly down the pitch.Roll the wrists upon contact to keep the ball down.
  3. Follow through so that the bat finishes in a high position with the hands close to the front shoulder.

Try to get the bat as parallel as possible to the ground as you make contact with the ball

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