i am playing very well in the offside and in onside?

i am playing very well in the offside and in onside?

i am playing very well in the offside and in onside behind the square but it is really tuf to play in onside in front of the square what can i do?

Cricket CoachCoach
Cricket CoachCoach

Tried using pre-delivery/trigger movement towards leg?

YDT Coach, England

This is difficult to see without a video, but what it sound like is that your front foot tends to point somewhere between cover and point when you play any shot. This would mean that the cover drive would be fine - but that to play on the on side you'd have to play round your front pad - thus nudging it down behind you to let. It would be very hard to play forward on the on side if this is the case - so basically you probably need to adjust the placement and direction of your front foot.

It may be because your too closed off i.e. it looks like you are slightly starting to turn your back on the bowler. If this is the case then you need to open up your body and shoulder a bit. What has worked with those I've coached is to start them in a more open stance i.e the shoulders, hips and feet are all pointing say towards cover to start with. I would then get them to do a trigger movement by stepping across very slightly with their back foot (towards off stump) and pressing forward a little with their front foot as they bring that a little across to off stump. This has the effect of bringing them back into a more side on position again, but the front foot has more ability to move in the right direction - which is ideally straighter down the pitch for straight deliveries

One other thing that I've noticed with some of the older colts that do this is that their bottom hand grip is wrong - and this strangely leads to playing in one direction. Basically they were holding the bottom hand too fully on the bat (the full palm) - almost like an axe. This led to the bottom hand being too far underneath the bat when they picked it up - which in turn meant that the elbow of the bottom hand was right next to the body (like when your arms are by your side) which meant that to play a straight drive they'd have to get the elbow round the body towards the ball somehow - and playing round the front pad. With cover drives however the elbow is in a good position to drive past the body freely so it tends to become their best shot. In the end I got them to adjust the bottom hand to just hold it with two fingers and the thumb - which freed the elbow up 

The other alternative is to just drill time after time pointing your foot straight down the wicket against a slow bowling machine or underarm throw and just punching the ball back straight

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