How do I stop no balls?

How do I stop no balls?

Hi guys. My name is Jack im from Australia. im having areal problem with my bowling. i am bowling heaps of no balls like 5 or 6 per game and it is really getting to me. my dad has tryed to help me but its not working. i used to have 9 steps but because of my no-balls ive changed. im using 10 at the moment but am not sure what to do. can you please help???

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom
Cricket CoachCoach

instead of the extra step move your landing foot in an inch and remark from there.

Cricket CoachCoach

Releasing the ball 1 or even 2 feet closer to the batsman makes no meaningful difference in terms of reduced reaction times or speed. At 60 mph the ball travels 18 feet in 200 milliseconds. The human brain needs 200 milliseconds to react to any unexpected change. Rather than striving to reduce the batsmans reaction time by a one or two thousandths of a second, which is all you will do if you release the ball on the crease rather than a foot or two behind it, mark your run up so your front foot usually lands 12-18 inches behind the crease with plenty of margin for error. To get a consistent run up length, remove all distractions by begin your run up from a marked point in the outfield run and bowl when you feel comfortable (no crease markings or stumps) Get a friend/coach to mark your landing foot position. Repeat this several times, and when you are getting a consistent landing point, measure/pace out your new run up.

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hi, jack.. here r two ways to remove your no ball worries. first of all check how u mark your runup. there r two ways-

1.) make a mark one feet away from the stumps, and then take your regular steps 9 or 10 whatever the case maybe.. now make sure that severy time u bowl ur jump finishes before the one feet mark made by u. this way u never r goin to overstep.

2.)alternatively u just bowl flat out and ask your friend/coach to mark ur starting point of the jump and where u land your right foot before delivery. measure this distance in terms of ur own feet distance.say for eg 10 feet. now mark this distance from the stumps and then take ur regular runup.

i am sure if u try tis out . u wont be bothered again...

Cricket CoachCoach

Hello, for this u must have do as i said ,frist of all,from ur popping creas with close eye run as u run for bowling and mark where, u finished.Do this for 4/5, time and finally chose which marks are same ,this is ur perfect run up.If u have perfect run up then u stoped ur NO BALL.Remember one thing measuer ur run up from popping crease.By using revers methord u may also stoped ur no ball . for this u first shedow methord and then by using by one step ,and after that u may do this with 4 step with jumped and finally u may bowled with ful run up , i think using my way u will slove ur problum.with best regard........................saadi

swethanPlayer, India

ya usually this problem comes when u want to bowl faster and when u want make the batsman injured if u take these things out from the mind u will reduce to 90% and u should make sure ur runup is of correct distance since a god runup length will give u 90% chance of avoiding no balls and u can try this out..... first go to a ground stand somewhere away from the pitch now hold a ball now mark the intial point where u are standing close ur eyes now start running as if u r bowling and bowl without any concern now measure where ur fist foot lands at ur completion of bowling action do this two to three times and measure the lenthgs now take the average of the lengths and thats ur excat run up and u will have no probs if u follow the above method...

Mukesh NarulaCoach, Canada

Mark your run up son that your front toe is inside the popping crease in nets and this will result in stopping of no balls completely.

Nazim khanCoach, Pakistan

I think u have problems with run up.may be its angular,not in straight line.and about ur action.not rythmic and send me video i wil help u.sure.

YDT Coach, England

There is no direct straight answer to this as it could be a number of things. It could be your run-up, it could be your leap; or it could be your delivery stride itself - so it involves trying a few things and stepping through to improve it. First of all, with the run up. It may be inconsistent i.e. you may run up at slightly different speeds each time; you may start speeding up in the run up at a different point in the run up; or perhaps you may look at the crease as you near it and end up chosing or extending your stride to land on the back line. What I tend to do is to go into a field and mark a start point with a cone. I'd then just run from there until it feels right to bowl - and then go through your bowling action. Get someone to mark where your front foot lands as you deliver the ball. Repeat this a number of times and see if you always land in the same place. If you do - then great - pace out the length of it - mark it out elsewhere - and try it. Remember which foot you started the run up on etc - and you'll be fine. If you find that you never land in the same place with your front foot then it can either be your run up or delivery stride thats wrong. To find out which it is - do the same run up drill but get someone to mark the point where you jump up before landing in the delivery stride. Again, do this several times and see if you always leap from the same point. If you do - then it means that your run up is fine but your delivery stride is wrong. If you take off from a different point each time then its your runup thats wrong. So, if its your run up thats wrong you'll just need to practice getting a rhythm in your run up. This could be by sortening it - so that less can go wrong - or by having check points in it. With regards the check points, again do the run up drill but get someone to mark a place half way through your run up where say your right foot lands - then repeat it again and again to see if half way through your run up you are consistent. If its still not consistent then you're best off finding either a metronome type rhythm to run up to - or a coach to sort you out. If its from the leap onwards then it could be several things. It could be that you jump too high and therefore either wave your limbs about a lot as you fly through the air - or your legs buckle as you land - which could bring inconsistency. Its worth taking a number of video's of your leap and delivery stride to see what happens. If you dont jump high but sometimes over-reach, then it may be because your body doesnt always get in a consistent position before you let the ball go (because of your jump or arms and legs going everywhere). It may be because you try a bit harder on some balls to bowl faster so reach further with your front leg. Again - its a case of taking a number of video shots to see how consistent you are.

Cricket CoachCoach


This drill has no description.

This drill has no description.

Cricket CoachCoach

At the point of marking ur run up take an extra step forward hope this helps+in the net ,work on getting it wright then u can think were u can try to pitch the ball!

Cricket CoachCoach

jump from the crease mark where u land then take your regular steps from there i hope ur problem will be solved

Cricket CoachCoach

Hi Jack

In response to your question, try the following:

1) Concentrate on purely your run up only. Forget about releasing the ball at the start- that will come later.

2) Without worrying about the lines (using the outfield) ,put a marker down as a start point.

3) Run up as if you were going to bowl. Do this a few times.

4) Grab a team mate. Get them to watch where your front foot is landing each time.

5) Measure this distance from the start to where it lands

6) This should be your ideal run-up. It must be the same everytime (and everytime you mark it out too!)

Note - You may also be thinking about it too much. Just relax when you run up to bowl. If you tense up to much this can cause you to over stride and reach for the crease too much.

See my alignment drill to help with consitency of your run up

Hope it helps!

Straighter Run-up

Drill designed to ultimately aid in improving alignment of the action, thus improving consistancy in the ball being bowled straighter. Player runs up through cones the whole way and bowls ball. Progressions - introduce batter Targets for bowler to aim at

Straighter Run-up

Drill designed to ultimately aid in improving alignment of the action, thus improving consistancy in the ball being bowled straighter. Player runs up through cones the whole way and bowls ball. Progressions - introduce batter Targets for bowler to aim at
Cricket CoachCoach

aim the ball to bounce where you see at the pitch

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