Left Arm Fast Bowling-swing and pace

Left Arm Fast Bowling-swing and pace

How do u swing the ball and add more pace for left arm fast bowlers?

Cricket CoachCoach
Cricket CoachCoach

The fastbowler should trainning physically strong and for more speed he should use his wrist at the last time of delvery bowled.For more swing he should use his fingers lighty on the ball and hold the ball with his fingers lighty not tied ,and there will be a distance between ball and thomb,and bowled the ball with straight arm.

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yea... but do u know any websites which have videos or something for left arm fast bowlers... because i tried to find swinging the ball on the net.. but that was for right handers

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left arm swing bowling isn't easy as there aren't a lot of visual aid to assist you with. The usual response is to do the opposite to the right hand bowler,however,most times it doesn't work.Here are a few suggestions%3Aensure that the conditions are suitable for swing bowling.By this i mean ball quality and atmospheric conditions must be suitable! A ball with a high seam tends to swing more with the right wind and cloud condition. Some balls just do not swing at all so that must be considered too. The best way to figure out if it is a ball problem is to ask someone who is known to swing the ball-left hander or right hander- to bowl your ball or better yet use a ball that has swung for some other bowler or is presently swinging as you view a training session and practice with it. some left handers are able to swing the ball away from the righthanded batsman but are unable to swing it in.To swing the ball away,keep the wrist cocked back and angled towards slip and seam pointing there also.Release the ball as high as is possible in your bowling action,pulling down on the seam to impart back spin which will keep the seam upright.bowl as full a length as is possible to give the ball maximum time in the air.the inswinger is a little more difficult as the wrist is not cocked back but is straight and your fingers and the seam of ball is towards leg slip.in the delivery action ,use less of your right side.You should be looking at the batsman from inside your arm or open chested. release the ball from as high as is possible and use fingers to impart backspin and bowl as full as possible.Always place fingers on either side of seam and thumb under seam. To increase speed ,do a lot of strength work on your legs,back ,arms and shoulders,especially you legs as it acts as a catapult to propel you in the delivery action,and get a good run up so that your momentum gained in the run up can be transferred to the ball during the bowling action.you can go to BBCsport,then cricket,then skills and then view matthew hoggard.Although he is right handed you might get the concept.Would be great to have teaching material from wasim and chaminda.

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thanks ...that helped!

Cricket CoachCoach

There is also a video on youtube where Wasim Akram has explained how to swing the ball in and away for a Left Handed fast bowler. That has worked for me. I wasn't able to bring the ball back to Right Handers earlier, but after wathich this video and following and practicing the advice in Nets, I am now able to do it. So it might help you as well.

Video added by Sportplan Team.

Cricket CoachCoach

The best solution for tyour query is Wasim akram's video on how to swing the ball as a left arm fast bowler. But after all practice makes it perfect.

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