2 On 2 Half Court

category: 2-v-2

Basketball 2 on 2 Half Court 2 v 2 Play 2 versus 2 at one basket. No dribbling ... Moving without the ball: Spacing Out and the Back Cut Session Thum...

2 On 2 - Transition Drill

category: Passing

They're playing against Red 1 and Red 2. After the attackers have had their shot the 2 defenders must box out and claim the rebound. Once the drill i...

3V2 Followed By 2V1 - Up And Down Game

category: 3-v-2

Basketball 3v2 followed by 2v1 - Up and Down Game 3 v 2 To start 3 players attack the 2 defending players on the other side of the court. When the de...

Block Box Out Rebound

category: Rebound

Basketball Block Box Out Rebound Rebound Player 1 has ball and makes a jump shot. Player 2 must start from the other side of the free throw line and ...

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2 on 2 basketball game!

If you are interested in the meetup it is at 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016 or American University at the outdoor basketball courts.