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  1. First player basket cuts and then clears out.
  2. Second player pops out to the corner.
  3. Third player dives straight to the ball.
  4. Fourth player either pops out to the top as the safety or looks for the pass when he pops out to the wing.

Coaching points

  • Inbounder should never rush to get the ball off the referee on the baseline. 
  • 4 players on court need to set up in a straight line from where the ball is going to be inbounder making sure that they are as close as possible so defenders can't get inbetween the line.
  • Inbounder will slap the ball when he has it off the referee, sees that everyone is in position and then is ready to initiate movement. 
  • Every movement needs to be done at a game speed giving the impression it is a scoring movement.
  • First two players although you may get an option out of these cuts are decoys and simply creating space for the third player to cut down the middle for an easy layup.

Drill tags: offence, offense, out of bounds play

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