Zone Defence - Saturate the Centre Third

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Saturate the centre third from dead ball situations and don't give the opposition a single easy pass!

That's what this Sportplan Session works on - getting your players to quickly set up a zone and occupy all the space - making it difficult for them to progress the ball through the court and also creating more opportunities for your players to make an incisive interception!

Starting with some simple interception drills we then progress quickly into small sided games where players get the opportunity to practice setting up their zones! In these games your players will run through how they'll implement this defensive strategy in a game and see what works for them

Some teams use a secret word to tell their team that a zone needs to be set. Whatever works for your team though the key for them is to communicate! From the GS at the front to the GK at the back who has the view of the whole court!

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Lynlea Willan
New Zealand Lynlea Willan
Date: 03/03/2011 11:47
Rating: 4 Star
I will be using the basis of this in my training this season.

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