Shooting Technique - Making the shot Session

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People who say "Teams that don't shoot, don't win games" are only half right - A more accurate statement is "Teams that don't score, don't win games!"

To make sure your team has what it takes when in front of the net this Sportplan Session works on technique and consistency to make sure your players don't squander their goal-scoring opportunities and remain calm, focused and strong under pressure.

To get your players jumping, with a flick of the wrist and a swish of the net this session starts with a pyramid running warm-up before swiftly jumping into action with a series of shooting based exercises and drills, finishing with a half-court game to review everything your players have just learned!

Whether you've got a team of nervous newbies or confident champions, it's always good to recap the basics and fine tune so that your team will be able to score against any defender - slow, fast, short or toweringly tall!

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Shooting Technique - Making the shot Session
Brenda Blanc
England Brenda Blanc
Really great session.

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