Perfecting the Lob Pass - Up n Over!

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This Sportplan Session is designed to help your players get out of a sticky situation and find the pass, even when all their passing options are being marked

When playing against a team that likes to get in front of your players to intercept the ball your players will need to learn how to make space behind the opposition's defenders to receive the ball from a lob pass.

To help them do this this session covers all the bases for a successful lob pass - starting with a review of the technique in a pairs passing drill!

The lob pass: a powerful and speedy pass, with a looping trajectory, designed to get the ball up n' over the opposition's defenders and give your players something to run onto!

So put your best foot forward, push from the waist, accurately angle the ball up and over and teach your players when to use it in a match situation!

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