Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: 10+ players, 5 cones, 3 balls, one third space.

1. Place 5 cones out in a star formation.

2. Players disperse themselves evenly behind the cones.

3. Start with 3 balls, players at the front of the line start with the ball.

4. Players choose who they are to pass to.

5. Once they have passed they then join the line the passed to.

Coaching points

Encourage a variety of passes.

Remind players how to know a player is ready to recive the ball to limit accidents i.e.  hands are out in front, eye contact, name called. 

Start to get players to link the idea of passing and moving into a game situation.


Add in more cones and more balls. Players will need to increase awareness. Bring in defence in the middle of the 'star'. Finish with a timed challenge i.e. 30 seconds of no drops.

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