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4 teams have a 'Christmas stocking' (box 2m x 2m) each and they each start with 4-5 objects that are 'presents' (spare shoes, coloured cones, bibs etc).

They learn which objects belong to their team and each team puts all their objects in a ball bin (or coned area) in the middle.

Play starts, only one person from each team can run forward to collect an object from the middle at each time. 

The other players can steal presents from other teams, but they have to put it back in the box in the middle. 

Teams can try to defend their stocking.

Teams are aiming to fill their stocking again with the presents they had originally.

Coaching points

The coach can impose conditions on the game, such as you can only steal by sliding on your bum to the other teams' areas or you can only collect a present by piggyback.

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