Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up:

Split players into runners and shooters - no more than 4 shooters at one time who start in the shooting circle, each with a ball. The runners line up on the middle transverse line facing the shooters.

The Aim:

Shooters need to score 50 goals before the runners finish their shuttles. They can shoot from anywhere in the circle and must keep count themselves.

The runners must complete 20 lengths of the two thirds before the shooters score their 50 goals. Each time the runners touch an end line that counts as 1 shuttle run.

When both groups have finished change the 4 shooters this means some players will be running again which is good for their fitness and all players will run twice. You could allow them to complete 15 shuttles if they are struggling.

Coaching points

This is a competitive practice and players should be encouraged to be competitive and push themselves to beat their opponent - coach could offer some sort of reward to the best shooters.

Runners need to maintain steady breathing, pumping with their arms, head up and lifting their knees.

Shooters should be demonstrating their correct shooting technique with every shot - remind players of the quality you are looking for.

Encourage players to not give up and keep going to the end. Especially for the runners - slow down rather than stop and walk.

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