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Attacking Principle: Introducing possession on the move Session Thumbnail
Attacking Principle: Introducing possession on the move

Develop your players' passing and catching skills with this session, as you look to maintain possession on the move!

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Set up a triangle (or square) with players as the corners about 3m apart.

Inside this area there are 2 attackers and 2 defenders.

The attackers' aim is to tag the defender using the ball. They can also use the players on the corners, who are fixed in position but can pass and tag. When an attacker has the ball they are not allowed to move and so they need to get into position close to a defender before they are passed the ball.

The defenders are aiming to run into spaces and avoid being tagged for as long as possible.

Once one defender has been tagged they can then intercept passes between the attackers who continue to try and tag the other defender.

Coaching points

This will get your players working together, encourage them to direct each other through communication.

Quick, accurate passing is also essential to be able to tag the defenders. Once the defender has been tagged and is intercepting then the attackers will have to vary their passes more.


Vary the size of the area to make this exercise more/less difficult

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