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Set up: 1 ball, 4 cones, 1 third area, 6+ players.

Three cones are set up in an arrow formation with 2 at the base. A player stands on each of the cones. Remainder of players are in two lines at the bottom of the arrow behind the two cones. 

Ball starts at Player A (left line). Player A passes to feeder 1 (first cone on the left). Feeder 1 passers to player B while Player A runs around feeder 1. 

Player B passes to feeder 2 then runs around the feeder. 

Feeder 2 passes to player A who receives the ball in the middle of the diamond. 

Player A passes to feeder 3 then runs around the feeder. Feeder 3 passes to Player B who has driven from feeder 2 and receives the ball in the middle.

Coaching points

Players need to work together to time passes. 

The ball needs to be delivered in front of the moving player.

Emphasis passes to be direct and accurate.

A good drill for players to practice running on the the ball and passing on the go. 

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