Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: One ball, full court, 5+ players.

1. Players line up down the middle of the court, evenly spaced. 

2. Ball starts at one end and will simply be passed down to each player. 

3. Players have to make a movement and time this with receiving the ball.

4. Player recieves a pass then turns and passes down the line.  

Coaching points

This simple drill is good for players to get the idea of the ball constantly travelling in a straight line.

Players have to learn to make a movement before receiving the ball.

Players should not be waiting to receive the ball, rather, be driving on to the ball. 


Players should not wait to receive the ball, rather, be driving on to the ball.

Bring in defence to make this more challenging.

Players should alternate sides they drive to.

If you have a large squad you could have a competition between two lines. 

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