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Inside the shooting circle set up a smaller semicircle with cones, dividing the the semicircle into an inner and outer section of roughly the same width.

Feeder starts play in the goal third, to one side. The GS runs out of the circle to receive the pass. They then have the option to pass to an attacker (who is on the edge of the circle opposite to the side feeder) or to pass back to the unmarked feeder who has run in.

Whichever of these receives the ball will pass it back to the attacker once the attacker has run into the circle.



  • If the attacker receives the ball inside the inner circle then they get 1pt.
  • If the defender makes a successful intercept or forces the attacker to receive the ball in the area of the circle outside of the cones then they get 1pt.

 The first to 5 points wins.

If the attacker receives the ball you can get them to take a shot, and have the defender recover quickly to mark.

Coaching points

  • The GK should force the GS out of the inner circle and away from the ball. The further the attacker is from the middle of the circle, the harder it will be to take a shot in a game situation which would may mean they need to make another pass. Also by stopping the GS exiting towards the ball then it becomes easier to intercept the ball
  • Make sure they contest every pass and recover. If they miss an intercept they should get their feet back to 3ft distance and arms up immediately
  • They need to keep on their toes for agility

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