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A game using the full court, 4 attackers, 4 defenders, 2 trailers.

Split the court in half, 2 attackers, 2 defenders in each half. Both trailers in one half with attacking players "1".

Attackers are aiming to move the ball from one end of court to halfway (and then on to the other end of court)

10 reps, keeping score (this can be reduced if you have a bigger squad). 


  1. Defenders are fixed to their attackers up to halfway
  2. 2 original trailers are fixed to their half
  3. A1s can go anywhere. As they cross the halfway line they become trailers for the other attackers.

(You can separate the court and just have the halfway aim for each side if players at one end are not getting the opportunity to be as active)

Coaching points

  • Trailers can be used to change the angle of a pass or put the attackers in a better position
  • Players need to exploit space
  • If an attacker has drawn the defenders then the other attacker can give the ball back to a trailer and play the ball themselves unmarked
    • In this way the ball carrier is working on decision making:
      Recognising when to pass forward and when defenders have been drawn to play the ball unmarked


Can allow one extra defender to trail through

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