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Groups of 4, in an area the length of a third and just under half way across court. In this area have 3 attackers, 1 defender.

Starting at one end of the third the attackers move to the other end with their passes. Defender attempts to stop this. If the ball is intercepted it is reset to the end that play started on.

When attackers make it to the opposite end = 1 point

When the attackers get to 4 points swap the defender. 

If the defenders are really struggling then the width can be made smaller.

Coaching points

  • Free attackers balancing space and providing options
  • Decision making by ball carrier to pass forward or back
    • Recognise which player is free
  • If the ball is passed backwards there needs to be movement/options with attackers re-offering for the ball
  • Ball carrier should pass and scan
    • See where teammates are
    • Options: Follow pass or run wide and deep to get the next phase

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