Netball Drill Demonstration


In groups of 4 or 5, using a space relevant to players.

In this example, we're in the attacking circle.

GS player drives forward to recieve a pass. She turns in air to send ball onwards onto one of two options on the circle edge. She then drives closer to post and recieves a return ball, whereby she should also turn in air to land square to the post ready to shoot. 

Players on circle edge should be moving (driving on and off) so she has to make a decsion based on their movement too

Add in a defender

Coaching points

Get head and shoulders around quickly and sight the straight line ball
Use of legs and arms to get power into jump to increase elevation

How quick can the player make the turn; how quick can they release the ball? Some will be from balanced position; others may be able to release whilst in the air. The quicker they can turn though, the less time a defender has to set up on them.

Quality and accuracy of the pass must remain high

Ability to land on either leg to enable a turn away from a defender or into a good position for onward pass.

In addition, consideration as a feeder about how to help enable your team-mate to take off and land on the turn; release point, timing.

When adding in defenders in later stages of practise, ask them to vary their style to encourage the attacker working to think more (on side, in front, close, off body, behind) - can attacker turn AWAY from defender?

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

Turning Fully (Attacking Circle Practise)MovementNetball Drills Coaching

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