Netball Drill Demonstration


1 Passer, 2 stationery Attacks and 1 defender.

The defender is restricting the Stationery A with her back to the other stationery A. She is creating the intercept opportunity  by forcing the Passer to make a diagonal pass. Ensure the defender does not leave her player too early when going for the intercept on the other player.



Have the defender setting up as normal on the straight line play but the other attacking player is now driving towards her but in the same channel as before. Can add a defender over the ball and a defender running with the attacking player by forcing her to stay in that channel and not drive towards the passer. That defender must drop off to allow the stationery defender to come out for the intercept.

Coaching points

  • Create the diagonal pass or lob
  • Eyes up and aware of what is going on around you
  • Be sure not to leave to early
  • Drive at the receiving player
  • Be decisive and commit to the intercept
  • Take your feet to the ball
  • Take the ball strongly

Created by Wendy, Netball Coach, New Zealand

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