Netball Drill Demonstration


Players in four corners (with at least 2 players in each corner)

Two balls, starting opposite each other.

First 2 players run into middle to recieve ball from the right and return to thrower

Move around each other to drive back to the line in which they started, recieiving a pass ahead as they go.

They pass the ball onto the front of their line.

The previous throwers now become the workers driving into the middle.


  • smaller space/larger space
  • speed it up
  • take the ball from the other side
  • give the team a target, penalising any dropped balls


Coaching points

Players need to be communicating with their partner to ensure they're driving at the same time but into different space.

Feeders need to be sending sharp, flat ball ahead and into safe space (to avoid collision with other players)

Feet under body driving onto catch ball, then quick turning and a further drive

Brains switched on!

I often use this drill at the end of a netball fitness session; the girls are tired, but need to maintain focus and ball handling skills to be able to complete a target number of passes. This replicates the feeling of that final quarter!

Thanks to Team Surrey (University of Surrey, Guildford UK) for demonstrating this drill at the end of a 7am fitness session; 50 passes in each direction, no dropped balls!

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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