Spike And Receive

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Players work in pairs and have a ball each. They overhand pass the ball high at the same time and then spike the ball off the floor to each other.

Serve And Cover The Zone

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Set up the same as in the previous drill. The serving players runs forward after serving while the receiver passes to the setter. The player who didn'...

Receive The Ball Overhand

category: 10-Setting-Drills

Players stand in a line in Zone 6, with the coach on the other side of the net serving the ball. The player receiving the ball attempts to overhand p...

In Zone Receiving

category: 4-Passing-Drills

One server stands behind the opponent's baseline and two setters stand in Zone 2 and 3. The receiver is supposed to underhand pass the served ball to ...

Web Videos

Serve receive options for every team

Do your players ever struggle with "whose ball was that" on serve-receive or defense? Michigan State's Head Volleyball Coach, Cathy George, uses a dri...


Community Drills

6 vs 6 Serve Receive

Serve Receive competitionDivide into 4 teams of 32 teams on serving side take turns serving one-at-a-time1 team in serve receive on court4th team as t...

Serve Receive 4

Miracle can hit a slideTy can come in for a 2Miracle can hit a 31Ty can hit 6 or 9Miracle can hit a front cTy can hit a 9 or 1Ashlyn is our fake...

Serve Receive 3

Ty can stay in the middle to hit a twoMirracle can stay outside to hit outsideTy can hit shootMiracle can hit a 32