Passing Accuracy

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Passing Accuracy Passing and Receiving First touch and passing accuracy. One ball between two set out the gates so the player can practice a...

Slalom Dribble

category: Agility

Soccer Slalom dribble Agility Players dribble the ball in and out of the sticks, running around the outer cones before turning sharply back in and ...


category: Dribbling

Soccer Zig-Zag Dribbling Set up cones in a zig-zag formation. Groups of 6 are stationed on the endline. 1 ball per group. The dribblers move up, th...

Figure Of 8

category: Dribbling

Soccer Figure of 8 Dribbling Close control dribbling with the ball. This practice is a good practice to set up as part of a skill circuit where the...

Web Videos

Which football player are you?

Alpha Tests Presents: Which FOOTBALL Player Are You? Which Soccer Player Are You? Are You A Soccer Player? Are You A Good Soccer Player? Have you .....


Defending When Outnumbered

When you do get caught on the break, make sure your defenders know their roles to slow the attacks down for the support to get back.

Pressing in the Defending Half

All the great teams do it, win the ball back as soon as you’ve lost it by pressing as a team in small units and as a team ready to set up another atta...


Community Drills


3 players working together in a group Its a relay game1/ Dribbling Short and dragging the ball2/ IN/OUT the cone (One footed inside outside / Both foo...

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Warm-up Drill

Keep BallThis drill is to help the players pass the ball quickly and move it around the space provided The game requires the team to make 5 passes in ...