Football Drill Demonstration


  • Place an obect 8 yards in front of the GK. In this case we use an upturned piece of drainpipe weighted down. Planks of wood such as scaffolding board works well.
  • Server strikes the ball at the object looking for a deflection.
  • GK must watch the ball all the way and react to make the save if it deflects off the object.

Coaching points

  • GK to focus on the ball and try not to go low too early.
  • Get the hands to the height of the ball and watch the ball all the way into the hands.
  • GK still needs to have good positioning in line with the ball and with the centre of the goal behind them.
  • Try and get a second barrier behind the ball, hands first and then the body or head behind the ball in case the ball slips past the hands.

Drill tags: reactions and deflections

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